Rental Properties for Passive Investors by Listen Money Matters

Rental Properties for Passive Investors

Our proven, data-driven approach to building a portfolio of income producing rental properties that perform in the long-term.

Most of us will not become rich simply from our jobs

In order to reach financial independence, we have to create sources of passive income.  Smart real estate investing can bring in big returns and grow your net worth.

Like investing in the stock market, real estate investing can seem intimidating.  It’s really not though.  There are just some key fundamentals you need to know before you get started.

It's not enough to get lucky and pick the right property.  There are many factors that go into a great rental property investment.

When we got started, we worried about making the right decisions.  We wanted to make sure every investment we made was a great one.

That's why we decided to systematize everything so it would be as easy as possible for us to make consistently profitable investments.

It all started with a drive to diversify my income

My first job out of college was for Lehman Brothers as a Database Administrator.  I loved it.  Then, the company went bankrupt and it changed me forever. 

I no longer felt income-secure.  How could I let a situation completely out of my control decide my financial future?

I decided then that I would never get all of my income from a single source, ever again.  That's when my passive income obsession started.  I was always a great saver - it was time to put those savings to work.

A friend of mine started researching rental property investing, and after sharing what he learned I became obsessed.  The potential returns looked insane but it also sounded like a lot of work.

The problem was, I already had a job and I wasn't looking for a second.  Then I stumbled on Turn-Key Rental Properties and I finally saw the path forward.

A Well-Defined Blueprint You Can Follow

When my wife and I finally decided to invest in rental properties, we spent months learning and planning so that we didn't blow our hard-earned savings.  We don't place bets, we invest.

As the Roman philosopher Seneca once said, "Luck Is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

When it comes to investing, we don't expect to get lucky - we create our own luck.  In this course we took all the preparation, research and experience we built and packaged it.

Simply put, you'll get:
  • An end-to-end well documented process on how to add a rental property into your portfolio.
  • Every decision you can make to reduce your overall risk from where to buy, what price points to look at and shielding your personal assets with an LLC.
  • How we look at properties and the system we use to filter and ultimately choose which properties to investigate in detail.
  • Unlimited access to the analysis tool we built, Investable, that uses data and our financial model to evaluate and compare potential property purchases.  Consider 100% of the math handled.
  • Guidance on making ongoing management decisions for the best possible long-term outcome.
  • How to structure the financial flow of your investments so you get a consistent, predictable stream of income, and have enough in reserve for even the worst-case scenario.

Investing in rental properties can be incredibly lucrative

And, while the prospect of earning a profit by renting out property is exciting, the reality of real estate is a lot more complex than one may think.

If your math sucks, then so does your investment.  Simple as that.

While not super sexy, understanding how to properly assess rental property investments with the right calculations and tools is critical.

If you don’t crunch the numbers and factor in every aspect of the costs and potential gains, you may be setting yourself up for a rude awakening and a potential loss of your money.

Access to Investable

We built Investable to help us evaluate the profitability of potential rental purchases. We don't believe in getting lucky with an investment, we believe in math.

Not only will you gain lifetime access to our analysis tool but we'll explain how to use it to enforce the profitability of your investments.
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We created this process for ourselves and refined it with the help from experts and input from our brilliant audience. This isn't just our approach, we believe it's the best approach.

What You Will Learn

How to Identify and Close Attractive Properties
Finding the Perfect Rental Property Neighborhood
11 mins
How to find a “Great Property” on Roofstock
26 mins
Using Investable to Enforce Profitability and Compare Deals
22 mins
Choosing a Mortgage Partner - Going Beyond a Great Rate
10 mins
Making a Tactical Offer on a Property
14 mins
Evaluating and Choosing the Best Property Management Team
19 mins
Closing the Deal
11 mins
The Foundations of a Successful Rental Business
What Makes a Great Long-Term Rental Property?
9 mins
The "Portfolio Effect" and the Statistics of Success
15 mins
The Power of Leverage: Why a Mortgage Increases Your Return on Investment
9 mins
The “Great Property” Model
18 mins
The Inner-Workings of a Rental Business
14 mins
Operations, Maintenance and Critical Decisions
Choosing Tenants for the Long-Term
11 mins
How to Manage (and Prevent) Tenant Turnover
7 mins
Dealing with Late Payments and Special Requests
6 mins
Yearly Upkeep Decisions that Save Thousands and How to Automate Them
5 mins
Property Improvements that are Cost-Effective and Profitable in the Long-Term
15 mins
Strategy and Optimizations
Quit Claim Deeds and Putting Your Rental in an LLC
8 mins
The BRRR Strategy: How Cash Out Deals Work
8 mins
Case Study: 3 Rental Properties, 3 Years Later
30 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

How passive can rental investing really be?

Very.  Our process outsources 100% of the work that comes with a property investment.  Our sole job is to be an excellent decision-maker.  In the course we explain how doing your own handy-work isn't cost-effective or an efficient use of your time.  As it turns out, great help is also very affordable - especially in the markets we invest in.

After we purchased our properties, the only time we put into our rentals is by responding to the emails from our management team. And even then we send and receive less than one email every month, on average, per property.  The goal of this course is to orient your view towards a long-term scalable rental business and to make sure every decision aligns with that goal.

I've never purchased a rental property before, is this course for me?

Yes!  It's actually even better that way because we can help keep the collective value of your property portfolio high.  Also, a bad initial experience can keep an otherwise great investor from pursuing financial independence through real estate investing.  Having a personal bad experience or knowing someone who has is the single biggest reservation we've heard from our audience.

What if I won't be ready to buy a property for another year?

To be honest, that's probably ideal.  Measure twice, invest once.  Truly the hardest part of investing in property is understanding a market and knowing a great deal when you see one.  This takes time.  It isn't a race and you need to be able to walk away from a bad deal so the less urgency you feel, the better.

How long will this strategy and process take to master?

Slowly, then all at once.  You might blast through the course then find yourself revisiting specific lessons as you move through a deal.  For us, taking two deals to completion was enough to make it all feel natural.

How can I trust the material in this course?

This is the exact same approach used to buy our 3 rental properties, 20 properties among our close friends and quite a few that we've consulted on through the Listen Money Matters audience.  Everything here has been moulded through our experiences both buying and maintaining these properties for the long-term.

When will my course access expire?

Never.  We're here for you when you need us.  You'll also find that every time you return, things will be a bit better.  As with everything we do, we'll continually improve and add to this course so when we discover something we'll make it available and let you know!

If I don't get value from this course can I get a refund?

Absolutely.  We got into this business to help people and we think the 500+ hours of free podcast episodes and 300+ articles we've created speak for themselves.  We just want to earn an honest living doing what we love.  If you don't like what you see we're happy to offer a full refund - all we ask is that you tell us why so we can get better. We aim to please.

No limited enrollment? Price under $1,000? What's the catch?

Over the last 6 years we've built a name by being brutally honest straight-shooters. We respect you too much for optimized sales tactics and funnels. Our entire syllabus is here for you to see and judge for yourself. We know it's the best, and most comprehensive because we've purchased every competitor's product.  If you listen to our podcast then you know that's how we roll.  We believe financial success shouldn't come with a premium-price.

Created with love by Andrew Fiebert

I'm a data nerd, father of twins, owner of three businesses and an avid rental property investor. There are few things I love more than cashflow, board-game included.

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