Rental Properties for Passive Investors

Our proven, data-driven approach to building a portfolio of income producing rental properties that perform in the long-term.
The Foundations of a Successful Rental Business
What Makes a Great Long-Term Rental Property?
9 mins
The "Portfolio Effect" and the Statistics of Success
15 mins
The Power of Leverage: Why a Mortgage Increases Your Return on Investment
9 mins
The “Great Property” Model
18 mins
The Inner-Workings of a Rental Business
14 mins
How to Identify and Close Attractive Properties
Finding the Perfect Rental Property Neighborhood
11 mins
How to find a “Great Property” on Roofstock
26 mins
Using Investable to Enforce Profitability and Compare Deals
22 mins
Choosing a Mortgage Partner - Going Beyond a Great Rate
10 mins
Making a Tactical Offer on a Property
14 mins
Evaluating and Choosing the Best Property Management Team
19 mins
Closing the Deal
11 mins
Operations, Maintenance and Critical Decisions
Choosing Tenants for the Long-Term
11 mins
How to Manage (and Prevent) Tenant Turnover
7 mins
Dealing with Late Payments and Special Requests
6 mins
Yearly Upkeep Decisions that Save Thousands and How to Automate Them
5 mins
Property Improvements that are Cost-Effective and Profitable in the Long-Term
15 mins
Strategy and Optimizations
Quit Claim Deeds and Putting Your Rental in an LLC
8 mins
The BRRR Strategy: How Cash Out Deals Work
8 mins
Case Study: 3 Rental Properties, 3 Years Later
30 mins